About Thrive to Wellness Kinesiology & Counselling Studio is located in Squamish, BC

We offer a variety of services including Kinesiology, Personal Training, Pilates, Hypopressives and Pelvic Floor Training.

Thrive to Wellness Kinesiology & Counselling Studio encourages you to slow down and be present, teaching you how to achieve an overall state of wellness. Our supportive environment caters to clients of all ages and abilities, helping them live a healthier, more balance life.

Our goal is for clients to reach their movement potential, whether they are returning from injury and looking to restore function, or improving athletic performance. We believe health is a lifestyle, and support and educate our clients in their everyday lives.

Biography – Squamish Kinesiologist

Owner Krista is a practicing Kinesiologist with BCAK with a BSc. and a major in Kinesiology from St. Francis Xavier University.

A certified STOTT Rehab PILATES and hypopressive instructor, she is qualified in CPTN as a Certified Personal Trainer and offers Soft Tissue Release. Krista specializes in pre and post-natal and deep core training.

Krista has a long history of health care experience, including disability management, ergonomic assessments; she is also a certified Matheson trained Function Capacity Evaluator. Krista is knowledgeable in areas such as injury prevention, identifying return to work barriers, and working/operations of rehabilitation programs.

Her love of travel has taken Krista from Canada’s smallest province, PEI, to across the world, including Japan, Hawaii, Mexico and Australia. No matter where she was living or exploring, her love of being active and healthy in mind and body, and her desire to share her enthusiasm for living a well-balanced, active life, remained constant.

She discovered she felt most at peace while discovering the outdoors, and this drew her to Squamish, the outdoor recreational capital of Canada.

Krista has previously participated in competitive sports such as running, figure skating and rugby.

Her passion and desire is to educate others on the importance of living a well-balanced life through soundness of mind, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Her challenge for you is to be present in your everyday life, both in mind and body, to be your best self and remember to “just breath”.

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